The Dark Side of Dubai | No One has ever seen Yet | Nightlife in Dubai

No street lights! It’s very dark … I guess .. and those who live in Dubai .. they know the story of these cards well on earth .. this girl looks like a Chinese girl .

hello people can’t take it .. Come back to our channel .. So far you have seen videos about Dubai tourist places and working life .. And you work on my channel .. But today I am here for you I am making a special video .. I’m here to show off the black streets of Dubai! These are the dark streets of summer .. or you can tell the dark secrets of Dubai .. so people, these are the dark streets … the little known streets of summer ..

you may have never seen before .. friends, When I see it for the first time .. even I’m sure it’s not Dubai .. but you can see it and it’s real .. it’s dark here .. even I’m afraid to be scared here .. even I’m not Sure .. where am I going .. what is on the street .. you can see this situation on the street .. there are no street lights but people live here .. and you can see people moving on this street. This is a daily routine for people here ..

they walk alone on this road every day .. but I have trouble getting here .. and this is a rental shop and restaurant so there is something here … and this Might be from a rental store or restaurant. But after a while you will see that it is dark .. Khaleejwal (Y (Arabic) means leave it alone, it is like a secret road. On the dark streets of Dubai .. and you really saw .. and now I ” I’m going from this area to this area .. You will see a lot of interesting things there .. Someone here told me to go out on the streets and check out some new things .. So … You Must see the final result ….. so you can see more interesting things ..


and this is nothing to show the dark side of dubai just show it to you .. you dubai i see some roads .. which are the countries of asia Some are like dark roads …. and if we say differently .. there are different aspects of life on this road .. like you saw two pakistanis there that i saw my brother .. and this brother in it The wall feels icy .. so these kinds of roads ….. different life in Dubai .. different styles of people here .. seen in the video and a lot of people come forward … seven people Living here is amazing … and looking at this wall on the right .. it’s completely again .. because Hey there are some law people here who smoke and spit on the walls ..

I have seen similar walls in India now I feel like I am walking on a dark road so go ahead and find out if we have more You can see what we have .. As I go to the other side right now we are going to this area .. And we will see some more interesting things there .. And this is a road here .. You can see people here on the road Sit down and see. It’s dark but people are still sitting here on the street .. It’s like a daily routine .. And you look in front .. Someone brings a bicycle .. Now you don’t say there are no bicycles in Dubai. … because you can see who is cycling here .. maybe he lives in a house or flat nearby .. so let’s see what I can find in Side Street .. I saw them both there and I I was thinking of talking. They ..

but under what circumstances and Dan doesn’t do it for the work he’s going on here .. and go ahead .. and I enter this street as I go back .. you can see .. The whole street is submerged .. and I was walking towards this lazy water .. I saw a place in the right place and .. and used this place .. so you can see how this street is full of water I don’t think Which you would believe it is a road in the middle of summer .. really the road is full of water and darkness … I think if a new man comes to it, you will know the road … what Will happen.

He can get into this dirty water .. if he goes deep he can get injured too .. thank god he saved me here and he who lives in dubai knows better than these cards … many They are located on the road here. And in car windows and car windows .. This type of card is often in Dra Dubai … Bor Dubai .. World City .. Karma Region .. In Al-Baqara ..

and another seen. The area … where it will be called Al-Qaisis .. you will see such a card there .. here I want to tell you an important thing .. keeping or distributing the same card in cars is illegal .. if anyone is arrested With such a card .. he will get a heavy fine ..

and he can also be removed .. so I have released a completely different video today .. so I ask you to share your opinion .. In the comment box about the video. This is very important to me. Friends, the video is not over yet. For more fun, you should check out the latter. I am yours

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