Python Project | Track Phone Number and Location | Using Python

Hello everyone welcome to our channel I hope you are well and today I will show you the agent program and using it you can find the phone number and the name of the provider of this service.

Let’s see how we can create this application using Pagan. If you guys are new to my channel before you start, please subscribe to my video and click on the bell icon for another video so dive into our tutorial to get your patch or open the editor you want and first you need to create the project file and I already have the project I created the file which is the phone number and then all you have to do is create the file name in this phone number or you click on the file name and now click on the python file so you have to enter the file name so that my file name is real tight, that’s right And this is my program to create this program.

I need to install a package so go to your terminal and all you have to do here. The entry is the number you typed and it took a few seconds to type and I already got it. The package is installed so I don’t need to reinstall it. Now go to our main file and here you can enter the phone number. I have installed which will run. So all you have to do is enter the name of the import and packaging so the name of our package is phone number and now I need to create another file in my project file that it will be test dot wifi because in the file I will put my phone in which I have them I’m tracking one so click on this phone number file and create a new and python file so just check dot pi and here you give your number that you want to find.

First you have to change so my number variable will be its number and here you just have to enter your phone number and one thing you have to remember is that you have to give your phone first. You need to type your country code to make phone number 6 and now you have to give me my phone number here but due to security I can’t show you my phone number now our phone number is in store so now go to our main file and now give me all my I have to import the number so I have to import my number variable from my test file.

This is how you need to find the name now and for that I am going to tell you. This number to do it. We need to get our phone number and it has a built-in package and we need to import it so that we can import the geocoder from the phone numbers which is really a function made up of geocoder phone numbers so now I want to show you the name for it so I We will create a variable that is ch and then the number below is to call our phone number package between us and then we will type and here we have to give our first parameter which is the number I am looking for and the second thing is the country name for this type Ch1 country code.

And then you type C here. Is it for the country and for the current date? I have to print the name of the country so for the same reason I have to print it so now I have to call my geocoder so now I have to bring my details for the geocoder number. Same with .com, so the description of the number here and here we also give two reasons, the first will be a variable.

I just created it for my number and there is another language so first I will enter my number variable so what is ch and now we have to give our language here which if you go here you can display this name english adi desh banga is actually I have kept the number of Bengalis, so it shows Bangladesh, right now, I will ask you to provide this number to the service provider. Another building is calling from phone numbers so I have to import the carrier from the phone numbers and here the carrier is basically used as the service provider so yes and now we have to change here so I will serve under one score.

Number and then here we have to call our phone numbers and type our sentences here and then we give two reasons here, first it is true i entered here before so i need this number.

This is a past and now I want to print the name of the service provider so now I have to print the function of my carrier from here to tire carat dot and now we have to type the name for this number which is the name of the service provider and here we have to give two parameters including a variable The name is so yes the number of these services and the other is actually the language so if we rewrite the language will be English

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