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The “Baby Tracker – Newborn Nutrition, Sleep, Diaper” application is a very advanced, very complete and useful application for childcare and baby tracking on Google Play. You do not need an active internet connection.

Poshan Tracker | Poshan tracker apk download

This application will help you take care of your newborn baby from the moment your baby is born. You will monitor your child’s development during the week and during the week.

The main features of the application are:

– Questions and Answers: You can ask questions from other mothers and answer their questions using the app.
– Weekly progress: You can track your newborn’s progress during the week and learn more about baby care routines with the weekly guide.
Menstrual progress: You can check the monthly progress information and compare it with your baby to find out what’s wrong.
– Daily Questions: We provide information that you know about your daily questions and answers that you provide.

Poshan tracker apk download 

You can register and follow below:

بی Baby sleep tracker
Height height, weight and head axis.
* Newborn diapers
Breastfeeding Act
Baby nurse
. Medicine
Act up
Game play time, travel, etc.

We provide all the information recorded with your graph. That way, you can analyze an entire month by looking at just one screen.

– The application will remind you about activities such as breastfeeding, sleeping, giving medicine so that your children sleep, eat and have similar periods respectively.
– You can find more information about childcare and parenting in the app with the help of thousands of articles.
– You give your child drops.
– You can see additional formula recipes for your child according to your month and make your child a guest.
You can relax and let your baby sleep with the special sounds and lollipops we have chosen especially for children with pain.
– You can record your child’s special things with Notepad.
– You will find that the built-in flashlight is very useful.
– You will learn more about your child’s mark.
– You can check each day’s activity by looking at the calendar and comparing it to previous weeks or months
– You will find childcare articles written exclusively for newborns.


* This app is a newborn baby care tracker app. The information contained in the application is compiled with the help of the Internet and experts. Application data is presented to you based on average information. It may not reflect your child’s true values. We recommend that you do not follow the recommendations of the application without consulting your doctor.

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