PhD in Social science scholarships

PhD in Social Science and Humanities Scholarships

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Finding right scholarship for early stage-career is very important. With several countries spending a lot on research and human behavior. Chances of finding of PhD in social science scholarship is more than ever. We have tried here to bring PhD in social science and humanities scholarships from various resources at one place.

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Subjects to be covered

Mainly subjects which will be covered in this directory are social science, arts, humanities, linguistics, mass communications, cultural heritage, Law and philosophy.

PhD in Social science

Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in social sciences is a very broad domain which provides revelled social relationship of human society which includes the events, issues and traditions of our society in different prospective. This program aimed to provide a complete and broader skills and knowledge about the society and its respective ethics.

Students will be concerning to the subjects related to human society like history, political sciences, public policy, economics, anthropology, geography, law, sociology and many more. It’s a complete bunch of studies handled as a subject to students.

Is PhD in social science worth it

This program helps students to pursue one of the branches as their profession. During your learning process of social sciences, you can get hand-on experience by different researches and reports submission. Scholars who will earn this PhD program not only become an active listener and observer to society but they can also be an active speaker or they can be a representative of public issues. As this program ensures a great ability of communication and observation the scholars can pursue their profession as a professor or a researcher or simply, they can be a historian, sociologist, geographer, anthropologist, political scientist etc.

Best universities for PhD in social science

If you want to pursue a career in Social Sciences and become a vital element of change in society,  you can avail the PhD scholarship positions in numerous renowned universities and build a bright future:

  • University of Nottingham
  • Ghent University
  • University of Copenhagen
  • University of Waikato
  • Technical University Dresden
  • University of Antwerp
  • K U Leven

PhD in social science Australia

We, however, tried to bring various open positions from all over the country. But, certain countries like Australia and New Zealand have set procedure to apply for PhD in social science scholarships. Australia offers governmental PhD scholarships platform called research training program. In each university, several new projects are opened under this scheme. Students with relevant experience apply for that specific project by directly submitting application to university. We have prepared guide, RTP Scholarship Australia, to apply for PhD scholarship in RMIT. Hope this helps!

Salaries of PhD graduates with social science

This program is much more worthy than we think as this program opens wide paths to different specifications, according to worldwide record the PhD holders in social sciences has a broad scale of salaries per months which are from $72,200 (mostly employed as socials scientist) up to $183,240 (mostly the paediatricians and general practitioners).

PhD in Law

PhD in law is the sophisticated program designed to compose J.D Graduates for authorized scholars and teachers concerning a complete knowledge of law. This program aimed to provide a complete range of law study to the students. Academic research, coursework, and a complete dissertation are to be completed for the award of this degree. It is the most appropriate program to all those students who wish to pursue their profession in the real perspective of law. This program offers emanating students to play their role in development of law as an academic part of studies and also to take the new but inspiring path of law teaching on greater scale with probably greater syllabus and knowledge.

A PhD in Law is offered to Law students who wants to pursue research studies in Law and become Doctor of Jurisprudence (Juris Doctor or J.D.). The doctoral studies in Law are multifaceted having course works, assessment studies, examinations, and thesis work focusing on different domains of Law such as:

  • Interdisciplinary Law
  • International Law
  • Legal Studies 
  • Cyber Law
  • Civil Law 
  • Jurisprudence 
  • Administrative Law Studies 
  • Environmental Law 
  • National Law Studies 
  • Dispute Resolution  

Although the PhD holder of law and the J.D Graduates (JURIS DOCTOR) are two different professional degrees but they both serves as the door to one another. This program is much valuable that it provides the overwhelming success to those who have completed this program and have earned their degrees.

PhD in law Salaries

The futures of PhD holders of law have a bright future with his interest and his salary can be scale up to $130,880 annually equal to $62.93 per hour.

How to apply for PhD in social science

PhD application procedure can very from country to contrary. In one country, you find professor with research relevance to your education background and apply for position. In other country, you apply to university and ask them for financial support while you continue to research in their lab. All these processes are very important and carefully done. We have divided PhD in social science scholarships in following categories:

  • In UK and Europe, Scholarships are offered in form of 3-year studentships. All scholarships are directly offered by Professor against research funding available to him. So, you contact professor for kind consideration.
  • In Canada and America, you apply directly to university and ask them for Teaching associate or research associate position in their department. They also government scholarships like Full-bright scholarships and Vernier scholarships.
  • In New Zealand and Australia, you find the project and then apply for that project in university. Follow RTP Australia for complete information.
  • In Asian countries, PhD in social science scholarships are offered by Government and Professor. In both cases, contacting professor to ask for their consent is must.

Documents for PhD in social science

While contacting the professor or application for university, right documents are really an important part of application. First impression to professor really needs to be correct and formal to make yourself standout. Following documents are needed while applying for PhD in social science scholarships.

  • Letter of recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • PhD research proposal
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Applications (in certain cases – given on university website)