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We have displayed PhD in meteorology scholarships in this blogpost, which have a deadline in December and November 2019. As you can see, December is pretty far so, clearly lots of scholarships will be added later. So, you must keep coming back to check the newest scholarships in our portal.

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PhD in Meteorology scholarships – Publishing Date: 01-01-20

PhD in Meteorology, ” Process of increase in Atmospheric oxygen” – Sweden (15-1-20)

Characterization techniques which will be used are advanced geochronological techniques and redox measurements. You will be answering a question like what and how atmospheric oxygen is increasing? Candidate should have a master’s in Geology and experience in fieldwork and mineral separation techniques. 

03 PhD’s on human impact on the Continental Biosphere–Aerosol-Cloud-Climate – Sweden (31-1-20)

The purpose of this PhD is to study the effect of Aerosol on Earth’s atmosphere. You will participate along with nuclear physicists to conduct this research to model aerosol particles’ effect on the atmosphere. It’s important to predict Earth’s past, present and future atmosphere. There are three parts of the project out of which two require programming experience as well. Master in Physics along with prior knowledge of meteorology, Earth system models, or aerosol dynamics will be preferred. 

Chronic Toxicity of Microplasticity in Fish – Sweden (15-01-20)

In this PhD project, the chronic toxicity of microplastics (MP) in fish will be investigated with a focus on metabolism and general stress in laboratory experiments.

PhD in Meteorology scholarships – Publishing Date: 11-12-19

PhD in meteorology, “Development of Ecohydrological model and assement of its impact on climate change”- Germany (31-01-2020)

At the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences – Agrosphere (IBG-3) a PhD position is offered as a part of the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research (eLTER PLUS) Horizon 2020 project. The research will be conducted to develop a model of a coupled continental scale surface-subsurface hydrologic and a global dynamic vegetation model. A European terrestrial ecohydrological model will be developed and assessed its impact on climate extremes along with simulation of hydrological processes, mass and energy fluxes.

Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production- Germany (29-02-2020)
The Institute of Bio- and Geosciences – Agrosphere (IBG-3), offers a PhD position in applied hydrometeorologic sciences as a part of the Cluster of Excellence “PhenoRob -Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production” in cooperation with the University of Bonn. The main of the project is development and application of hydrometeorologic models of agricultural systems.  This will enable to make digital images of current state of agricultural system which will be then helpful to predict short and long term interventions of plan in-field. The collaborator of the project will be the Centre of High-Performance Computing in Terrestrial System, Geoverbund ABC/J.

PhD in Meteorology scholarships – Publishing Date :07-12-19

1.PhD in oceanology- Switzerland (15-12-2019)

A PhD student is required in an interdisciplinary team of the Environmental Physics Group to study the climatic changes while focusing on the interaction between the biogeochemical cycles of Earth with its climate system. The successful candidate will work on ocean warming, deoxygenation and acidification evolution in the Southern Ocean. The project will be carried out in the joint supervision of Prof. Nicolas Gruber, Dr. Meike Vogt, and Dr. Matthias Münnich. It will be collaborative research between teams of the Environmental Physics Group (3 Ph.D in meteorology. and 1 postdoc).

2. Total 7 PhD in Mars – geology and Geophysics – Switzerland (10-12-19)

Aim of our Project MARS is to identify and characterize nature of MARS by previous finding and experimental and mathematical approaches. In this pursuit, seven PhD in meteorology scholarships are being offered. 

 This foreseen PhD’s are:

1.Single-station seismology on Mars (J. Clinton)

2.Magma reservoirs on Mars: Controls on differentiation processes and crust formation (O. Bachmann)

3.The elasticity of a hydrous Martian mantle (M. Murakami)

4.Fractional crystallization of the Martian magma ocean (M. Schmidt)

5.The accretion history of Mars (M. Schönbächler)

6.Seismic resolution of the Martian crust (S. Stähler)

7.Joint structural inversion of the Martian mantle and core (A. Khan and J. Noir)

Students having a background in math, physics, chemistry, and geosciences should consider applying for this thrilling PhD in meteorology scholarships.

3. To explore geochemistry of Mg and Sr stable isotope – Switzerland (10-12-19)

The position includes mainly geochemistry laboratory work as well as two field trips for sampling (in Italy and Israel), sedimentary and petrological study of the sequences, data analysis and modeling and outcomes communication (in conferences and papers). The position offers excellent training in a world-leading Earth’s surface group and laboratory as well as collaborations with geoscientists from different countries.

computer science

4. PhD in Genomics, Data Science, “Development of Computational models for studying co-evolution of planets and human life” – Switzerland (12-12-19)

The PhD in meteorology project will develop computational methods to study the co-evolution of life and planets. the candidate will have access to exciting, new (meta)genomic datasets from extreme environments (e.g. subsurface and high-alpine systems) and human microbiome samples generated by the group. Individual project proposals are also welcome and encouraged.

5. Modeling chemical reaction between supercritical water and minerals – Switzerland (12-12-19)

We are seeking PhD in meteorology candidate interested in quantitative modeling of mineral-fluid equilibria and with an MSc degree in geochemistry, chemical engineering, physical chemistry or a related discipline. The candidate will collect and critically assessing data sets from the literature and complementary experimental and simulation work performed by other groups of the project, to identify systematic trends and to cast them into coherent equations.

6. PhD in corrosion science, “modeling of chemical reaction at interface of steel and porous media” – Switzerland (10-12-19)

This PhD project aims to develop a comprehensive numerical model framework that takes into account all relevant processes occurring at the steel surface and in the porous medium when a metal is subjected to electrochemical polarization. We will focus on steel corrosion in (sandy) soils and cementitious materials (mortar, concrete). 

The salary rates of PhD in meteorology scholarships, students are in agreement with the employment conditions of ETH (covering living expenses).

PhD in Meteorology scholarships – Publishing Date :24-11-19

1.University of Waikato Doctoral scholarship – New Zealand (31-01-20)

The University of Waikato is offering doctoral research scholarships in every research project currently happening in university. In this doctoral scholarship, you will be given a total of 22000 dollars a year scholarship with a tuition fee waiver. For finding more about this scholarship you have to contact Te Mata kairangi school of graduate research, university of Waikato, New Zealand.

2.PhD in biology of fishes production and impact on climate-Denmark (01-02-2020)

A Bioscience Program in Arhus University, Denmark at the Graduate School of Science and Technology assuring applications for the PhD in meteorology Scholarship. The successful candidate will then deal with the variability in conditions and controls on seasonal breeding timing of fishes and early life stages also the intimations for fisheries and climate changes. Anna B. Neuheimer’s Biological Oceanography is what the successful candidate could be a part of.

3.Wind mapping with the application of satellite lidar-Denmark (01-12-2019)

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher has announced a PhD in meteorology Scholarship program on the project of General Information about Lidar Knowledge Europe (LIKE). Basically, LIKE is the educational hub of Young researchers on emerging Laser-Based Wind Measurement Technologies. The elected candidate is supposed to work keenly on wind energy applications for wind mapping by the help of scanning Lidar and to control single-wing turbines or the wind farms for better energy production.

4.PhD in Offshore wind resource at deep-sea applying satellite data and numerical modeling- (31-12-2019)

The Technical University of Denmark, Department of Wind Energy nominating a PhD in meteorology scholarship fellow for their section of Meteorology and Remote Sensing. The candidate is supposed to handle the Ship-based LIDAR, inter-annual variability in SAR winds of deep-sea and to provide maps of potential resources. ESR-Early Stage Researchers are the associates of this project to apply the satellite data and numerical modeling of offshore wind at the deep blue sea.

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