PhD in mechanical engineering scholarships

PhD in mechanical engineering, aerospace, renewable and industrial engineering scholarships [complete directory]

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In this directory of PhD in mechanical engineering, we have chosen to combine a few of our engineering disciplines which are directly and indirectly related to mechanical engineering. Here, we have given a brief introduction about subjects which we have chosen for our directory of PhD scholarships. Below is the list of all PhD in mechanical engineering scholarships for international students from all over the World.

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Subjects covered here are:

  • PhD in mechanical engineering
  • PhD in aerospace engineering
  • PhD in renewable engineering
  • PhD in industrial engineering

Ph.D in mechanical engineering

PhD in Mechanical Engineering is a one step ahead of converting your present engineering skills into a professional skilled with advanced tools and methods landing you in diverse yet connected world of Engineering solutions.

Following subjects will be covered here in this domain;

  • Robotics
  • Mechanics of materials and structures
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Engine
  • Pneumatic and drafting using CAD and CAM
  • Manufacturing engineering

It should be noted that various subcategories of mechanical engineering have a strong link with other engineering subjects like Machine learning, manufacturing engineering, physics and many more. So, for students who are interested in mechanics of materials, and manufacturing engineering, should also follow PhD in metallurgy and manufacturing directory. Graduates who are pursuing robotics in early stage research career should also follow PhD in machine learning and artificial intelligence directory for complete list of scholarships.

 The Doctoral studies in Mechanical Engineering will enable you to gain in-depth knowledge of specific domains of mechanical engineering including fluid mechanics and dynamics, Manufacturing, hydraulics and mechanism design, Aerospace, Civil and architecture engineering, advanced engineering mathematics and many more. The Doctor of Mechanical Engineering can pursue his/her career as Industrial Production Manager, Research and Development Manager, Petroleum or Mechanical, Manufacturing Engineers being equipped with necessary research and cognitive skills.

The PhD in mechanical engineering is the program that prepares the students for their professional researches and academia also. This program aimed to provide an intensive and reveled background of mathematics and engineering sciences for their students to have specialized research experience. PhD in mechanical engineering assures a good experience of culminating a written thesis and also the oral defense through their core course-work.

PhD in mechanical engineering program covers the domains of robotics, mechanics, hydraulics, dynamics, fluid mechanics, pneumatics, and drafting using CAD and CAM. This programs ensures a bright future of its PhD holders by enlighten their ways and specification. Moreover there are numerous amounts of colleges and universities providing the doctoral program with high quality of academics, with fee structure ranging variable.

How to do PhD in mechanical engineering

In Europe and the UK, studentships are offered in the form of PhD in mechanical engineering jobs where student is recruited as research fellow or teaching associate for 3 or 4 years. In the USA, you will apply directly to department and you will be automatically considered for scholarship or funding position if you have good research experience and GRE score. You can also contact professor for funding in your department. Follow RTP Australia for information on how to Contact the Professor for PhD in mechanical engineering. In Canada, you will directly contact the professor for any funded position and ask for their consent. Contacting the professor is very important in these proceedings. For these studentships in Physics, applicants either apply to the university directly or contact the professor with PhD in physics scholarships as subject line.

Applications submitted for consideration needs to have the following essential documents:

  • Letter of recommendations
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • PhD research proposal
  • Applications (in certain cases – given on university website)

PhD in mechanical engineering worth it

Getting PhD in mechanical engineering can plant great number of possibilities of high income or successful life. It will then up to you to reach out and grab them, although the doctoral program make you that much worthy that you become a requirement for other but before this there is a tremendous amount of dissertation in this program.

There are several benefits of getting PhD in mechanical engineering from abroad. Firstly, it will improve your skills in area of interest, secondly, it will improve chances of permanent residency in specific country where you are involved in research for your PhD.

How long does a PhD in mechanical engineering take

Each country is offering several types of early-stage research careers in the field of mechanical engineering. 

  • In the case of the UK and EU countries, PhD in mechanical engineering jobs are offered in the form of studentships against research positions opened in a specific lab. For a specific project, Lab is funded by either University or Industry. From those funding, PhD in mechanical engineering scholarships are offered to candidates to start their research career. These studentships are normally funded for 3 years but can be extended to 4 years.
  • In the case of America, PhD in mechanical engineering jobs are offered for 5 years. These 5 years of projects can be joined directly after bachelor’s or after masters. 
  • In the case of Australia, PhD projects are normally 3.5 years funded. 

PhD in mechanical engineering programs

For PhD in mechanical programs, following universities are considered best;

  1. MIT
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of Cambridge
  4. Delft University of technology
  5. Harvard University


Getting PhD in mechanical engineering can plant great number of possibilities of high income or successful life. It will then up to you to reach out and grab them, although the doctoral program make you that much worthy that you become a requirement for other but before this there is a tremendous amount of dissertation in this program.

PhD in renewable engineering

The doctoral program in renewable energy is all about the “chemistry of energies, their conversion and their usage”. If you have done your Master’s degree in sustainable energy than you should be completely aware of the curriculums and domains that we study in renewable energy. The program aimed to provide a crucial and indulging course of energy that how we can use the alternatives of energy or the knowledge about new energy technology or capabilities of energy. The highest expectation of this program is to reduce negative impact of energy on our environment by learning different, alternative and productive ways of energy handling that can reduce global warming, climatic changes, air pollution and worst effects of fossil fuel production.

The Doctoral program in renewable energy is all about clean alternative energy sources having capability to renew by modern technology without harming environment.

PhD in Renewable engieering Salary

The Ph.D. holder of renewable energy can start their professional life as an energy consultant, energy auditor, wind power engineer, environmental managers, and geographical inspector. The worth of this doctoral program can be estimated by the salaries of these professionals which are about $117,170.

PhD in industrial engineering

Industrial Engineering concerns with smooth and efficiency of the design and operations of an industrial setup. The best part is that being a perspective PhD student of Industrial Engineering opens door to enter almost any industry. The Industrial Engineers are involved in planning, manufacturing, logistic, supply chain management, inventory management and operations research. PhD in Industrial Engineering is offered by many well-known Universities that allow you to become an eligible candidate to work in diverse fields such as:

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

PhD in Aerospace engineering

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in aerospace engineering is the program for all the highly concerned students of science having background of engineering. This program aimed to provide a dynamic course with a magnificent area of aerospace structure, propulsion and aerodynamics, where students can prepare their coursework and research with their developed capabilities of an aerospace engineer. The most common domains of this program are aerodynamics, propulsion, dynamics, control, structures and materials.

After the doctoral program you can be classified in the elite category of qualified engineers, and from there the program can assures yours secure successful career in academia or in development and research centre of aerospace.

The requirements of this doctoral program are the M.Phil or Master’s degree in aerospace engineering. And the PhD graduates can start their profession as Postsecondary professor, aerospace engineer, architecture and engineering manager, industrial engineer etc.