PhD in Biology scholarships

PhD in Biology, Medical science and Bioinformatics scholarships [complete Directory]

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For this directory, we have chosen to compile directory of PhD scholarships in Biology, medical science, and bioinformatics. The directory is being compiled from PhD studentships offered in research centers all over the world. It also includes Government PhD scholarships for international students to diversify their research culture. 

PhD in Biology

By having a PhD in Biology, graduates get to learn methods of conducting research and they also get hands-on research lab experience. Within PhD in Biology, researchers will conduct research in a broad field of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, cell biology, and host-diseases interactions. 

By conducting independent research in the field of Biology not only prepares you to start your career in academia but also makes you eligible for various positions outside of Academia.

PhD in Medical Science

Doctoral studies in medical sciences are multidisciplinary which can be either be earned with Doctor of Medicine or as a terminal degree. The PhD in Medical Sciences is an opportunity to tailor your study program according to your interest as various majors such as molecular medicine, pain management, cancer biology, and cell biology can be selected. The study can be conducted as lab-scale research and also a clinical trial. The PhD studies in Medical Sciences will also help to closely work with practical cases as many universities conduct their research in Hospitals.

PhD in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a specialized field with a fusion of biology, computer sciences, and information technology together. The PhD in Bioinformatics is an amazing opportunity to work with state-of-the-art research facilities and utilizing the latest information technology to flourish your skills. The successful PhD scholars in the field of Bioinformatics will have the opportunity to work in vast fields such as Pharmaceutical, Biological Research, Genetic Engineering, and Medical Technology. You can also continue your Doctoral Research work and use the attained skills, and latest technical knowledge to build your future with others as well.

If you are unable to find the right scholarship related to your desired field of specialization, you should also check PhD in the life sciences directory which is closely related to medicine and biology. Sometimes projects being offered in life sciences are somewhat similar to PhD in Biology, PhD in medical science, and PhD in Bioinformatics.

PhD in Australia Scholarships

Currently, Australia is considered the pinnacle of higher education for researchers for their large research funding, healthy lifestyle, weather and easier communication for international students due to no language barrier. If you are considering to apply for PhD in Australia scholarships, then you should consider following our RTP Australia scholarship guide. Mostly funded PhD in biology projects are funded in the domain of the RTP Australia scholarship program. This program is opened to every university. For more information, follow the RTP Australia scholarship.

Essential documents (PhD in Biology)

When you have chosen your field of specialization and found relevant projects in PhD in Biology, medicine or bioinformatics. The common process in almost every funded project is to either apply directly to university with the consent of Professor or the professor will be one selecting the right candidate for funded project. One very important step during the application step is creating your first impression on Professor. Follow RTP Australia, where one of our students receives consent from the Australian professor. 

Common documents which will be needed during application submission are:

  • Cover Letter (when contacting the Professor)
  • CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Research papers
  • Transcripts
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Research proposal

Below is displayed a complete directory of PhD in Biology, medicine and bioinformatics scholarships for all international students.