Message and Call Tracker Get Chat Messages and Call Backups Online

Hello everyone, this morning, we’ll see more “app” messages and phone tracker today so what does this app do?

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This app allows you to track incoming and lost and missed calls and WhatsApp messages so you can track your WhatsApp messages You can go to the website at any time if you have it installed on the phone. Proceed with the ILadry installation so that I can show you the terms and conditions before I open it.

Click then you will see the registration screen where you have to enter your correct email id and PIN / password and then click ‘Article’. Register it Make sure that the main screen “Track Call” is enabled Bell and Message.

If it is inactive, there will be no call record of the application.The good thing about this app is if someone sends you a message on WhatsApp and deletes it and you Don’t read the text, but this app did it and you go to the list. You can see what the message was like even though it was deleted. So there are many options under which things will go in order. This is the screen of this list. This is the registered email ID that you need to log in to.

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This is the website where you are logged in using this email. It tells us that when it was last synced you will need to enable it by default if you want to log in to this website and restore records online. If you want to delete the deletion, you can’t click on it, and if you want to rearrange all the data collected by this application, you can click on it.

It will not delete the registration information but any information collected through this mobile will not be linked by logging in to the website or we will call to see if it can be captured now. It has no history. Call, call, call, call. Let’s see if this app is caught. Let’s take a look at the list. So you will see here the login of the year is available.

So now we have to look at it online. Look, let’s go to the website, click on the view line, you can go through Apple or you can go to the SSS trailer web and log in. Click the button and login. Including your username and password. This is the main login screen.

You have to click on the mobile phone to get all the information obtained through the application in the “Get Details” tab so click on My Ant. It sends a request to the mobile for information. You can see the notification here that the data has been uploaded to the server.

See if we have it. And if you do not want to register, you can go here and click here. If you have any comments or suggestions, post them in the YouTube comment box below. Thanks

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