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Overview of PhD in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence

Undeniably, artificial intelligence and machine learning are two of the most active and wanted topics in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. These are two related streams with so many shared concepts. Trying to complete a PhD in Machine learning will require sound knowledge of artificial intelligence and the vice versa. These are two streams with so many advancements in store. In the upcoming days, it is believed that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence alone will have an increase of 85% of the number of research papers published since 1996.

Topics covered

PhD in Machine Learning and PhD in artificial intelligence revolves around few common topics like the internet of things, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, robotics and healthcare. These are few areas research is highly concentrated in. However, all of these topics are both expensive and challenging. This is why PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning requires a sound scholarship program. With the help of a scholarship program, you will be able to explore deeper in to your study. Also, you will be backed up with necessary resources, tools and funds. PhD in Artificial Intelligence scholarships are all meant to make your work easier and fruitful.

PhD in artificial intelligence and Machine learning

In general, computers needed programs and detail procedure which they will follow. But this lets computers unable to perform future tasks based on previous one. So, PhD in machine learning is based on developing algorithms on which computer actions will be governed. Development of long algorithms to solve real life problems in new cutting-edge technology is one of mainstream application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

PhD in machine learning scholarships and fully funded phd in artificial intelligence is highly in demand with 5G technology and digitalization of every mainstream task. The silicon valley’s large tech companies, Facebook, Google hire phD in machine learning graduates for future algorithms.

Some Salary data that I would like to share is:

  1. Salaries of PhD machine learning graduates at Facebook are around 140K-200K $.
  2. Around 20% lower salaries are offered at Google and Apple.
  3. Netflix, one of largest entertainment interface, offers same kind amount in salary as Facebook.

There are many other fields which are related to computer and machine learning like;

  • Robotics
  • Visual intelligence
  • Embedded systems
  • Software engineering

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Funding Opportunities for PhD in machine learning

In order to be eligible for funding opportunities, you should present an overview of your research paper. At least, you must be aware of the title you wish to work on. The study should be supported by a supervisor, who is skilled in Machine Learning and Artificial Learning. Funding becomes easier when you have a clear roadmap for your research. Also, it is important to accompany your study with the following documents:

  1. A Master’s degree from a reputed institution in a relevant academic domain
  2. Ability to engage in quantitative and qualitative research methods
  3. Basic knowledge on learning and programming skills
  4. Highly skilled in analytical and conceptual capacities
  5. Good command in English and sound collaborative writing skills

Contacting the professor

It is very important to get in touch with a supervisor who can oversea your research work. When you contact professors for your PhD in artificial Intelligence or PhD in Machine learning, you must be very careful. Talk to the professor with utmost professionalism and politeness. You will be judged during each interaction, especially the first on.

When you want to ask for a scholarship for the PhD program, you must always initiate the talk with a CV, previous research papers and a well-drafted email.

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