PhD in Finance, Economics, Marketing and Management scholarships [complete directory]

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Presented here is list of resources for PhD in finance, marketing, management and economics for interested graduates. Scroll to bottom for complete directory.

PhD in finance

PhD in finance provides a solid foundation on theoretical and empirical tools of finance with the disciplinary domain of economics. This program is challenging but rewarding also promising a bright future. The students have to cover the domains of behavioral finance and will learn about real-world issues in economics.

PhD in finance programs

The course work under this program will be microeconomics, statistics, cooperate finance, finance theory, econometric method, microeconomic analysis.

Finance schools have lots of competition due to selection ratio of jus 5%. Only 2 to 3 candidates are selected by finance school out of 80 applicants.

Each university have different research in which they specialize. In general finance schools of Chicago and MIT are at the top.

  • Harvard is famous for Corporate finance
  • Maryland specliazes in Market microstructure
  • Mathematical finance is best in Washington University

Following finance programs are worth considering:

  2. LBS
  3. Wharton
  4. Harvard
  5. Other Ivy League universities
  6. University of Toronto
  7. Frankfurt School of Management
  8. Some Dutch Universities cannot be ignored! like Erasumus, Universiteit Van Amsterdam and so on etc.
  9. In Asia – NUS and Nanyang University of technology offer decent programs in Financial Engineering. I don’t know if they supervise PhD Level Thesis too? check with them. Both are fine institutions.

There are lots of universities offering diverse area of marketing and finance. It depends upon research area that you are interested in and country where you want to start your research. High GPA, High GMAT and strong math skills are essential for admission into PhD in finance.

Chicago and MIT are at the top. Then Stanford, Wharton, Berkeley and UCLA. Other top schools include Duke, NYU, CMU, Northwestern, Columbia.

PhD in finance salary

PhD positions are always come with stipend. This stipend can range from 2000-3000 UD dollars depending upon country you are starting the position and, also, funding available for research project.

Jobs for PhD in finance

Mostly PhD graduates have huge prospect in field of academics but PhD in finance offers large number of other career prospects.

Here are few jobs which might interest Finance doctorate holder:

  • Budget analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Personal financial analyst
  • Professor

In role of Budget analyst, graduate will be responsible for handling organization budget. Their salary per year is around 76220 dollars.

In role of financial analyst, you will have clients whose resources handling will be your main responsibility. Average salary of financial analyst is around 85660 dollars.

Commonly the graduates acquire professions of financial manager, benefit manager; budget analyst, sales agent, chief financial officer etc and their salaries are from $63,780 to $196,500.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in business administration is a research and dissertation-oriented program that ensures you to gain the capability to lead a company or business venture and to have crucial skills of developing a better and profitable business. The students will have the skills to conduct a research. The domains to cover are corporate finance, investments, financial institution and remarks, econometric, research designs, methodology, programming, simulation etc. moreover the students are expected to technical knowledge in their application but within the limitation.

The requirements to enroll are Bachelor’s and Master’s in similar domain and also an examination in which their working, presentation and crucial knowledge about the field is expected to check. Cost of the tuition fee varies school to school and place to place also with limited time of program. The worth of this doctoral program is very high as business administrator has all the knowledge about the merits and demerits of business and its possible ways.

Salaries of PhD graduates with business administration:

The career of a PhD graduates stands out of the crowd maintaining a better standard of its professionals. The professional of this program are management analyst, c-level executive manager, economist and many more the salaries of these professional varies but they all are highly paid.

The estimated salaries of PhD graduate with business administration are $95,000 to $ 187,900.

How to apply for PhD in Finance

PhD application procedure can very from country to contrary. In one country, you find professor with research relevance to your education background and apply for position. In other country, you apply to university and ask them for financial support while you continue to research in their lab. All these processes are very important and carefully done. We have divided PhD in finance scholarships in following categories:

  • In UK and Europe, Scholarships are offered in form of 3-year studentships. All scholarships are directly offered by Professor against research funding available to him. So, you contact professor for kind consideration.
  • In Canada and America, you apply directly to the university and ask them for a Teaching associate or research associate position in their department. They also government scholarships like Full-bright scholarships and Vernier scholarships.
  • In New Zealand and Australia, you find the project and then apply for that project in university. Follow RTP scholarships in Australia for complete information.
  • In Asian countries, PhD in social science scholarships are offered by Government and Professor. In both cases, contacting professor to ask for their consent is a must.

Documents for PhD in Finance

While contacting the professor or application for university, the right documents are really an important part of the application. The first impression of the professor really needs to be correct and formal to make yourself stand out. The following documents are needed while applying for Ph.D. in finance scholarships.

  • Letter of recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • PhD research proposal
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Applications (in certain cases – given on university website)

PhD in Finance [complete directory]

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