About Us

Highly dedicated young professionals who want to help graduates achieve their goals

We are a group of young professionals with connections to several universities all over the world. We encountered several problems ourselves while finding Ph.D. research positions. That’s why we are providing a platform here for comparing funding offered all around the World. Almost all-important scholarships and research associate positions covering your tuition fees as well as your living expenses are put together.

We, as study guides, also help students match scholarships according to their profiles and research interests. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Aim of phdscholarships.info is, “equal opportunity for all”

Our aim is to provide equal opportunity to students all over the world who are interested to diversify their research experience by availing Ph.D. scholarships abroad. Our dedicated staff is continuously updating and adding international funding in our database daily. We are trying to provide a simple and effective solution to all problems encountered while applying for Ph.D. scholarships. Graduates, who are unable to find their right research path and suitable country for their research-oriented experience, are being given a platform where they can contact us and discuss their requirements and their past experience for finding the right scholarship.

Update Scholarships all around the year and discard which are offline

Most of the scholarships displayed on various sites are either offline or discontinued for next year which creates lots of stress and hurdles for students who are trying to find the right scholarship for the first time. So, here, we are continuously keeping track of opportunities being offered here. Not only we update the status of scholarships but, also, we discard those which don’t have any purpose to serve for scholarship seekers. Some scholarships are annual and normally they need to be uploaded again and again as a reminder so we adjust and adapt so you don’t have to.

Too many scholarships to explore for the right one!

With technological advancements, Governments are investing more in Universities and research institutions. Right now, GDP for the education of the whole world increased from 2.5 to 5 in 20 years. That’s a huge investment if the currency of the whole world is under consideration. With these huge investments, most of the funding is offered at the PhD level. That’s most of the institutions in the world offer lots of Ph.D. scholarships in various departments and projects. Right now, seeing so many scholarships, a newbie gets confused and unable to process the right one. So, here we are creating a blog to guide you in using this platform for finding the right and suitable scholarship. There are various filters on this website which will narrow down search result to connect researchers to the right scholarship.