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This app is very useful if you need to send your calls to another number. Use our app instead of going to settings to access the call forwarding system and all your calls will be sent to the target number with one click.

All you have to do is enter the desired number in the text box and upon clicking the “Forward” button, your call will be redirected to that number and you will see a call forwarding notification enabled.

Key benefits:
Call forwarding application
Call another,
Turn on the call,
One-on-one call,
Contact all conditions
All busy calls


This app will try to install 3G 3GH connection for better and better internet mobile experience. HSPA + supports a stable mobile network, preventing your data connection from coming to 2G / EDGE connection.

Application Features:

– H + connection stability
– Support 3G / 4G / HSPA + and LTE data connections
Kim Ping – Short break from online games
– Improved voice and video call quality for some VoIP services
– Reduce buffering and eliminate breaks while watching / playing online videos

Call Forwarding

HSPA+ Optimizer | H+ Signal Stabilizer






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